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About Us

Perfect Events by Naomi is an event planning company which specializes in planning both large and intimate social events.

At PEN, we are committed to bringing your dream events to reality without you lifting a finger. We consider our client’s budget while sourcing for a befitting event venue and vendors.

Our team of professionals take care of everything from the day you contact us and we assure you of an event without a hitch. 

Why Choose Us

We save you time

In event planning, there are hundreds of tiny little details that need to be taken care of when planning your big day. We as the experts have a better idea of what area of the planning to tackle first, and in what order.

Every little details count

We understand that the little details are what matter in telling your story to your guests. So we pay great attention to the littlest of it for your big day to run smoothly, which leaves you having to worry less.


We understand the importance of budget especially when you don't have an unlimited budget. As an expert in the event planning profession, we know how to get you great deals from vendors within your budget.

We will be there for you

Part of our job as your event planner is to be by you every steps of the way. We will be there to answer all your questions, give expertise advice and help you make the best decisions. Our job when planning an event is to make sure your event flow runs smoothly so that you can truly savor the moment and have fun with your guest without worries.

services we render

We are events outfit focused on adding colours and glamour to your special occasion. For all the event planning services we offer.

Let's make this day memorable

when you have us in your corner, you have nothing to worry about.

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