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Event planning: 7 reasons you need a wedding planner.

Why is an event planner  important?

You will agree with me that many Nigerian aunties and mummies believe they are perfect event planners for any event. Many often believe because they know one or two caterers, or their friend is an “Alaga Iduro” or “Ijoko”(traditional wedding compere) or even one of their friend’s son is a photographer, therefore they are under the impression that they can successfully plan an event, then take up then the event planning job.

Planning a successful event especially a wedding is way more than just knowing a few vendors. It involves making so many crucial decisions when designing, planning and coordinating a wedding. Let’s start by understanding what event planning is.

Event planning is the process is of managing every little details of an event, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, gender reveal parties, baby dedications and so on.

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When your goal is to have a stress free and a successful wedding, you definitely need a professional wedding planner. An event planner will provide you a professional  and honest advice. They will guide you and support you every step of the way, so your big day turns out exactly how you have imagined it. Let me share my 7 reasons why I know that you need a professional event planner, in this case, a wedding planner.

  • Your mother, friends, family are not professional planners.

It’s your big day! should be all about you, your families and friends. We all know how families are during weddings, they are always everywhere trying to offer their help, but the truth is they aren’t supposed to if they are not professional planners.

They are not professional planners, they are meant to enjoy your special day with you, this should be a time to create beautiful memories of your big day with your families and friends. They shouldn’t be working!

  • Event planning: planners give professional advice.

Based on their knowledge and expertise, an event planner will provide you with latest trends in event planning and execution. They will give you guidance and help you solve any problem that may creep in along the way. Hiring a detail oriented and knowledgeable event planner is key when planning your big day.

  • Event planning helps with budgeting and time management

We all know budgeting is a very important aspect of event planning. While some people are not constraint when it comes to financial resources, a lot of people have a strict budget they need to work with. A professional event planner will help make the best decision based on available resources, without exceeding your budget and in many cases get you the best deals. They will also keep you on schedule, ensuring every to-do list is crossed off your list.

  • Saves you a lot of time.

Event planning takes a lot of time, especially planning a wedding. Most of the time both the bride and the groom work full time and have other social commitments and may not have extra time on their hands to spare. Hiring a professional event planner allows you to hands off all the time-consuming responsibilities to the planner. The event planner schedules appointment, meets with vendors, has enough time for the developing and implementing all the great ideas.

  • In event planning, arrangement and details are vital.

When it comes to organizing an event, using distinct sitting arrangements and how detailed the event venue is designed and floral arranged is very important. They know how best to structure your wedding and how to have a smooth event flow. They make sure each vendor understands their roles and the exact time to carry it out can make a big difference in how you and your guests enjoy your experience. An event planner understands the importance of every little detail that makes an event run smoothly . When you have an organized wedding, it means everything will run greatly and hitch free.

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  • They take care of your guests.

What is a wedding without the guests? In this part of the world, we understand that taking good care of your guests is important. Your event planner understands that it is a priority to you that the people that come to share your special day with you feel very comfortable, have lots of fun and are well taken care of. An event planner knows every guest counts, so you don’t need to worry about them.


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  • Your event planner will be by you.

On your D Day, your event planner will be by you to assist you, make sure both of you (couple) are right on time for every slated activities. Your planner will be on ground to coordinate activities and make sure every schedule activities run smoothly. It’s your big day, you should appreciate the moment, have fun with your family and friends without any worry. Event planners, are problem solvers. Let them help you!



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